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 cyncreations isn't just about soap, although that has got to be my favorite product to make and is now up for sale.  I also paint in oils, make perfume, deoderant, lotion, lip-balm, lip-stick, make-up, scrubs, shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent, kitchen cleansers, bath salts,  bombs and teas, room/linen spray, jewelry, smudging feathers and incense, tinctures, linaments, infused oils, salves (no medical claims here but they have helpful characteristics just as soap has helpful characteristics), herbal teas, tinctures and just about everything in between.

Products that come into contact with our bodies can cause almost as much toxin absorption as the things we put in our mouth.    When I became aware of this I decided to make my own cleansers.  Essential oils are one of the fundamental ingredients in "natural" cleansers.  Unfortunately there is about a TON of misinformatin on the internet regarding essential oil usage.  I put out a blog on essential oil usage at .   I have taken a full course in aromatherapy and have a very healthy respect for essential oils and their miraculous beauty, benefits as well as potential harms.   I do not avoid fragrances however, rather I make both "all natural" soaps for those who are concerned about such hence giving them options here as well as soaps made with things like man-made fragrances and glitter.  Fancy and fun - these are values I highly esteem in addition to quality, health and safety!
Soap is not as difficult to make as one might guess although there is plenty to learn and just like any area of study the topic is nearly endless.   With the introduction of things like lotions though we're talking a whole new can of worms!!!  The safety considerations (not for the maker but for the consumer) go waaaay up so now we HAVE TO involve the dreaded preservatives.  I have researched it and researched it and as much as one should probably avoid as many preservatives as one can, there are important things to keep in mind.
Most important - would you prefer - a teeny amount - drops - of preservative in your product, that may have some possible unknown long-term affects or NONE more likely OR would you like to take the chance that you could get a bacterial infection - on your face - that could possibly scar you - badly - and for life.

I don't make anything with water or water type ingredients in it, aside from soap (which is not a friendly environment for bugs of any kind) that do not have a broad-spectrum preservative in it!!!  Well and my liquid soap DOES have preservative in it.  Water is where bacteria proliferate.  Bar Soap doesn't need preservatives so I can make  tons of totally "natrual" soap (NOT a legal term and the definition is crazy difficult for folks to agree on so please see my personal definition of it on the "About" page).  Bath bombs, salts, lip-balms, lotion-sticks, deoderants,.....all things that do not have water in them are TOTALLY fine to make and use minus preservative and I will do my darndest to make all these products SAFE, healthy and luxurious for your body AND environmentally friendly too!


Then of course for the FUN stuff most folks enjoy some fancy scents and glitter (decidedly not "all natural" but how many people really use all natural everything?)   Sometimes you just really want a flirty, girly scent or a bakery scent.  While essential oils can produce beautiful scents - none are like apple-pie for instance!!!!!  That simply can not be done with essential oils - you can do a spice blend - cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, star anise, etc but minus the apple smell for which there is no essential oil - you don't really end up with apple pie (chamomile smells a bit like apple though so it may be interesting to try a mix with those spices and chamomile ...hmmm...).  Sooooo I do make some fun soaps with fun fragrances that are NOT "all-natural" - they are perfumes created in a lab just like any perfume (that is similar to the kind that you get at the department store - there are of course all kinds of natural perfumes out there now and I produce some of those as well!!)  

SO if you read this whole thing then you know where I'm at in terms of a few basic considerations regarding what I do, safety and plans for the near future.  
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Thank you!!

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