About Cyn's Soaps

"All Natural" Soaps:
soaps made with only food type ingredrients such as honey, spirulina, goat's milk, spices....   Plus clays like French Green Clay or Himalayn Pink Clay and other materials from the earth that are not dyed such Zinc Oxide or Activated charcoal.....  Also ingredients harvested from natural sources like silk, bees wax....  And finally Essential Oils which are super concentrated "essences" of plants that have natural "oils" in them - for instance the rind of a lemon has naturally occuring "oils" in it hence Lemon Essential Oil is a pure distillation of that.

These soaps are generally better to use on your face and definitely better for people who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances......  Soaps made specifically for face or hair are marked as such.  If vegan then it is mentioned in the description so there is no confusion.
There are some drawbacks to All Natural Soaps - for instance there is no essential oil of strawberry so a strawberry soap can be made but it will not smell of strawberries plus it would be brown - hence I do not make an All Natural strawberry soap.
Fun Soaps:
Fun Soaps are made with all natural ingredients (see All Natural Soaps for my definition of what is all natural as this is not legally defined and is actually a complicated topic) plus things like fragrances and pigments and other synthetics (read man-made or altered) like glitter....  

Both kinds of soap are nutricious for your skin and while I can make no medical claims, the descriptions include some information I can legally talk about.  (And these are FUN!!)  

I feel perfectly comfortable using these soaps on my face (although if you are looking specifically for a facial soap then I recommend Aleppo Soap or one of the of the all natural soaps).  

Unless one is intent on removing all "unnatural" scents and products from their lives, these soaps are great and are more than safe.  It is a personal choice that you need to make for yourself and/or your family.  Just as soap has the property of being cleansing, some ingredients that are in soap have some benefits (properties) beyond what I can legally discuss or promote.  

If you are intersted in say the benefits (due to it's properties) of Frankincense Essential Oil then I would advise checking that out online (but do not believe everything you read for there is much misinformation on the net!  Be Smart!).  For folks who are interested in going an all natrual route there is quite a bit of research involved and I recommend looking up ingredients on basically everything (everything you buy or use in life basically, that is!).  I find this fun but many folks don't have the time nor the inclination for such endeavors .
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I take pride in sourcing the BEST of ingredients for my soaps/products.  Whether they be synthetic or All Natural, the quality of the ingredients is what I find to be most important.   I use no synthetic micro-beads as they are not good for our water systems.  I use sustainably grown palm.  The process of researching each ingredient is heavily labor-intensive but I do my best.   It is a process where one cannot be perfectly perfect in that there is much controversy about some ingredients, disagreements within the community of soapers and manufacturers of cosmetic-type products as to whether something is actually toxic to the environment or to a human or not or whether sustainability is enough, etc.  

Dead Sea products are endangered so that whatever products come from the Dead Sea are from supplies I bought prior to finding this out.  The point is that I make as much of an effort in this arena as I logistically can.  Unfortunately not all the carrier oils are organic because the cost would be 4 times the price of a regular bar of soap (or other product).  I already tried to go all organic and it was astromonically expensive!!  But where I can and where I think it is most important I do go organic for the purpose mostly of "saving the environment" not because I think that organic paprika for instance that is used as a colorant is all that much better for your skin.  So there are lots of considerations and I try hard to be as consciencious as I can.

Thanks for your consideration!!